16 Dec 2015

Segetes has Found a Home in the Classical Languages Tool Kit!

The Segetes framework and modules will now be incorporated into the Classical Languages Archive as a part of the Classical Languages Toolkit. Stay tuned for more updates or contribute at the cltk_frontend repository on Github.

05 Oct 2015

We're Back with Microservices and Limited Beta

After a summer full of feature requests and three new Segetes implmentations that pushed the codebase in new and exciting directions, Segetes is being released in a limited beta to humanists and archivists alike. If you'd like to be involved in beta testing for developing your own app with the Segetes Framework, email contact@segetes.io.

Additionally, we've undertaken porting the framework code as a Meteor package. If you're interested in Meteor and want to help development or testing, get in touch with us!

22 Feb 2015

English Translations for Vergil's Works Added

Translations from Dryden and Greenough are now added to the Segetes Vergil site. Simply select the "Translate" button in the text browser tool at the bottom-right corner of the page to toggle the translation panel with English. Translations were mapped using WordNet and open-source version William Whitaker's dictionary, called Open Words. This marks a major step for moving beyond the line-dependent data model and opens a pathway for many more future innovations with the Segetes framework. Have a feature that you think would work great with Segetes?--then let us know at contact@segetes.io.

21 Feb 2015

Text Reuse Included for Greek Texts

Segetes Vergil now includes results from our text reuse algorithms for Greek passages that are similar to lines from Vergil. The Greek text reuse algorithms are based on phonetic subtexts for both languages.

6 Feb 2015

Geo-reference Entities and Media

The Segetes framework now supports georeferencing entities and media. Simply add a geo field to the entity or media document in your collections with latitude and longitude, and let the framework and templates take care of the rest. Know where Wilanów Królewski is? We didn't!

31 Jan 2015

Over 18,000 New Related Passages Added

After comparing the Segetes Vergil database against all of Perseus's Latin archives, we added 18,861 related passages to Vergil's works and conducted analyses of major trends in text reuse between Vergil and other ancient Latin poets and authors.

26 Jan 2015

Soft Launch of the Framework and Vergil Website

We just soft launched at segetes.io! Start exploring Vergil's works in the Segetes framework and let us know what you think. Feature requests are appreciated!

19 Jan 2015

Beta Released with Limited Data

Want to see the new beta for the Segetes application and framework? We just released a beta version of the site with a limited amount of data. Check it out at beta.segetes.io

16 Jan 2015

Segetes in Digital Classicist New England (DCNE)

On February 2nd, from 12:01 - 1:15 PM, Segetes will have a presentation over its mission, purpose, and technologies. The event will take place at Brandeis University, Room TBD. Update: Rescheduled due to snow for Feb 23.

For more information on the event, please see this flyer.

14 Jan 2015

First export data published

Our first export data in TEI, json-ld, and lemon formats is now available from our segetes_data repo on github. These are the same files referenced by our API, so if you to use any of our data before our official launch, head here first.

Check back soon for more updates regarding new releases and versions of our export data.